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Yule gifts and findings at Kuivalainen

The Yule goat brought a couple of boxes around the end of December and then, in the early 2017 I just happened to be around Vallila and popped by tmi Kuivalainen - a legendary model shop. I spent a good while just ogling around, most likely with a very typical first-timer's expression. From the shelves I plucked out a Takom's Königstiger with innards (I was originally looking for a StuG or a PzIV, but...) and then asked if he happened to have something totally insane German Luftwunderwaffe kit.The scale wasn't important but if he had a Lippisch (P13a), I'd take that immediately.

No, he didn't. But after a few minutes and a loadful of boxes I chose a manned V2 missile over the Natter that I had also considered buying. I wanted something nuts and that's what I got.

Some box art

The Amerika Rakete was a Chech-made 1:72 model. If nothing else, I'd get a neat and unusual wtfif project out of this one.

The goat or more accurately the witch kings had gifted a Zvezda's 1:72 Stuka (that was also known as a Stukka in the rear cover). The box took some unsurprising damage over the trip home but as far as I remember the contents were still intact when I checked.

Ju-87 B2
I'd never build anything by Takom but there's always a first time for everything. The main point of this kit was that it had the interior as well, which is something I've craved to build for ags. Oh, and the box also claimed to contain two different turret versions!

Königstiger w/ interior
My Project Assistant also got something to build - or to paint at least. Her first idea was "I'll paint it brown!" "Mhmmmm, ok then". Well, I'd choose brown over pink any day, because I just can't stand the colour.

Imperial -class Star Destroyer

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